Responsible Gambling

Everyone knows that gambling is a form of entertainment designed for adults. That being said, it is easy to become addicted to gambling. If you know someone that has a problem, or have a problem yourself, then the following points are likely to help.

Deciding whether you have a gambling problem?

The following may dictate whether or not you have a problem:

  • If you hide your gambling activity from friends or family.
  • If you hide the amount you spend, or the time you spend with gambling, hoping that a big win will come soon.
  • Not having the ability to walk away, regardless of how much you have lost or won. If you are are increasing bets to a point where you can not afford them.
  • If you are gambling when you do not have the money and then bet more to recoup those all important losses.
  • If friends and family worry, yet you are still in denial, it might be worth listening to what they have to say. Think about gambling long and hard and decide whether or not you need help.

Seeking Help

Stopping gambling completely for the hardcore gambler is going to be a hard thing to do. Luckily, there are plenty of places that focus on helping gamblers. The first step is to understand that you have a gambling problem, think positive and start doing something about it.