Online Poker Popularity

When it comes to online gambling, people think poker. Poker has taken the world by storm over the last few years and nowadays, even commercial breaks are covered in poker advertisements. This is because poker is an interactive game, played against other players. Players know that the only thing that is stopping them from winning, is themselves. This means the house does not have the edge, as they take a rake (commission) from each hand, rather than taking all the money that a player loses in a hand.

Players no longer have to travel hours to get involved with the best poker tournaments in the world. In fact, as it happens, some of the biggest and best poker tournaments in the world actually happen online. Some poker sites have tournaments that guarantee huge prize pools which attract thousands of players. Another great thing about online poker is that players can play multiple tables and tournaments at once, something that can certainly not happen in a casino. The opportunity for winning for a good poker player is much better online that it could ever be if they were in a land based casino.