Live Dealers

The benefit of live dealers..

Many players prefer having a live dealer in online casinos, rather than effectively feeling like they are playing against the machine. This experience does not just make players feel like they are getting the full casino deal, but also that the casino is not cheating and is being fair at all times.

The fairness of live dealers is certainly the biggest thing and one of the reasons that the majority of players prefer live dealers in comparison to the many automated dealers that are currently around. With a live dealer, there is no issue with the dealer not dealing fair hands, or not spinning a wheel correctly, because players can see exactly what they are doing. The most common games that use live dealers include both blackjack and roulette, games that are fast paced and extremely intense; allowing players to concentrate more intensely.

Playtech is the only online gambling software company that currently offers a 100% live dealer service to their players. This is just one of the many reasons that players prefer to use Playtech in comparison to many other software providers. Their live dealer games include blackjack, baccarat and even roulette. Their software is so incredible that players can even give a dealer a tip if they manage to pick up a big win.