Betting Systems

When a player uses a pre-defined plan to structure there planning, whether it increases or decreases their overall win; it is called a betting system. As the house always has the edge, no system ever created will be able to produce a long term win. Look at betting systems as a way to increase the chance of winning in the short term, rather than in the long term.

A an example of a betting system

The Martingale betting system is a well known betting system. The system is based on doubling up on a losing bet. So a player starts with $5 for example, loses, doubles up to $10 and so on. When the player finally wins using this betting system, the only profit that they show is the initial bet, which in this case is $5. The main issue with using the Martingale system is that if the player loses multiple bets, then they might not be able to make the winning bet.

There are variations of this method that reduce the risk, such as increasing the bet by 50% with each loss. So a $8 bet would turn into a $12 bet and a $12 bet into a $18 bet and so on. Even when a winning bet comes in, the player adds 50% so that they have a more consistent bankroll rather than betting all of their bankroll to win the initial bet. This is safer, but still not a solid system to be using.

A lot of people using betting systems, simply because they find it more fun and interactive. Remember, these systems do not increase or decrease the odds in the long term, but they may help people to win in the short term in some cases.